Proof of Origin and Ownership

Mogugu Provenance Record

We would like to let you know that the sequence of each and every Mogugu is arranged and fixed in a specific order at the time of sale. You can verify that the Mogugu NFT you received is exactly the same as the one that we have generated.
Each Mogugu image is hashed using SHA256 algorithm. These hashes are then concatenated in the ascending token ID order. The final provenance hash for the entire collection is obtained by the SHA256 hashing of this long concatenated string, which is the one stored in our smart contract. Any change to Mogugu image or order will result in a different provenance hash.

Fair distribution of Mogugu

Starting Index

In order to properly randomize the Mogugu obtained by each person, we have implemented a variable called "starting index" in the contract. We will offset the original token ID to some random number at the time of reveal and this will be the actual Mogugu token you have minted.
For ERC721 contract, the token starts distributing from 0, up to our maximum 9,999. Our Mogugu will be offset from this sequence with a starting number. This starting number will be set either when all Mogugu are sold or when the reveal date has passed.

Token Offset
(Starting Index)


Provenance Hash


Contract Address


Concatenated hash from initial Token 0 to 9,999


Provenance Record

The table below lists the mapping between your minted token ID to the initial contract token id at time of deployment (which was also been used to generate above provenance hash), SHA256 Hash of the NFT and IPFS link of each Mogugu image.

Minted TokenID Initial TokenID Image Hash (SHA256) IPFS CID
Minted TokenID Initial TokenID Image Hash (SHA256) IPFS CID