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    Mogugu is an NFT collection of 10,000 lovely,
    adorable and evil mushrooms living in the Ethereum Network.


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About Us

The Mogugu Collection

Mogugu is a collection of 10,000 unique mushroom NFTs running on the Ethereum blockchain.

The mushrooms of Mogugu are divided into three unique categories and four different classes, each with their own set of traits. Based on their traits, each mushroom plays a crucial role in the diverse world of Mogugu.


Unique Mogugus

Mogugu collection is made up of 10 characteristics from over 250+ hand-drawn features. All mogugu are unique and lovely.


Attributes from 10 layers of traits

Adventure style concept in an open world

Mogugu Collection

We have divided our Mogugu into three categories and they are easily distinguishable by their background color. Their individual traits further differentiate them into unique classes. This categorization adds extra layer of rarity to the Mogugu you own.

2,500 Mogugu


Mushrooms who wander the world of Mogugu for adventure. Responsible for the protection of the Commoners against Villains

2,500 Mogugu


Mushrooms considered as outcasts of the world. Villains seek to exploit the Commoners

5,000 Mogugu


The most numerous of the mushroom NFTs. Mainly engaged in production and trade


Food producers

Food producers are farmers, hunters, and fishermen who work to ensure a steady supply of food for the kingdom

Miners & Loggers

The miners and loggers of Mogugu toil every day to ensure enough raw materials are available for their brethren


Crafters process the raw materials from the land to manufacture goods for the kingdom


The merchants of Mogugu engage heavily in trading resources to support the adventurers



Wanderers excel at long range and non-conventional warfare, hitting villains from afar.


The soldiers of Mogugu are ready to defend the kingdom with their lives


Heroes swore on their reputation and lives to protect every one of their brethren from the villains


Clerics are holy mushrooms who swore to protect the commoners through faith and magic



Thieves are masters of the shadow and they strike where they are least expected


Rebels are the foot soldiers of the villainous mushrooms, and they do all the dirty work for their masters.


Warlords are the leaders of the villains and seek to make all mushrooms bow to them


Witches dabble with forbidden magic and curses to destroy their enemies

Road Map for Mogugu Collection

Below are cumulative sales targets. As achieved we will initiate implementation of the associated goal.

Unlocks Mogugu themed webcomics
30 Mogugus will be randomly airdropped to community members
Give back to our team
Unlocks member exclusive Mogugu merchandise store, featuring limited edition goods and more
Unlocks the growth of limited edition gold class mushrooms
Unlocks the development of an interactive mushroom world that will allow our community members to see their mushrooms come to life. Gen 2 mushroom growing will also be unlocked!

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the questions that you might want to ask. New questions and answers will be added over time, so make sure to check with us regularly!

  • When & Where
    You will be able to mint Mogugu on our website mogugu.club or directly through the smart contract. The Presale date will be announced on twitter and discord. So make sure you follow us closely.

  • Tokens withheld
    300 Mogugu tokens will be reserved by the development team for marketing purposes and subsequent giveaway events.

  • Reveal Period
    Sales will start off as a blind sale, you don't know what you've got until we are ready to reveal them to the world.
    After 7 days, or when all the Mogugus are sold (whichever is earlier), the contribution period concludes and your mogugu will be revealed. An announcement regarding the exact time of reveal will be made on our twitter and discord.

  • Technical Details
    Mogugu is an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain with artworks and metadata hosted on IPFS.

We are a group of innovative designers and crypto-enthusiasts who believe in the world of decentralization. Mogugu gives our community the opportunity to find a place in the world of smart contracts, NFTs and blockchain, and of course lovely mushrooms.
With your support, we will continue to grow as a team. Follow us on twitter and discord for the latest updates. Feel free to send us a message and connect with us!

Our Great Team